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At Home Design Expo we service all wood flooring needs from work as simple as sanding and refinishing, to repairs and custom installations for residential and commercial properties. Wood flooring offers many benefits, ranging from increased resale value to allergy prevention. Our services are provided with knowledge and experience which results in quality workmanship and satisfied customers.

Wood flooring offers many benefits, ranging from increased resale value to allergy prevention.

Natural, Stylish, Durable, Beautiful, Warm

You can bet that of all types of flooring, A hardwood floor will have the most longevity and will never go out of style. Wood has been a long-time winner with any homeowners due to its lasting nature. Not only does it add a natural warm and an inviting atmosphere to a room, it’s also quite “forgiving”.

Hardwood offers many well-known advantages.

  • It’s natural, beautiful, warm, and easy to maintain.
  • It costs about as much as other high quality floor coverings, but it lasts longer.
  • It creates a healthy environment, minimizing the risks of dust allergies.
  • Hardwood enhances a home’s interior and adds much to its resale value.

There are dozens of species available, all with unique attributes to fit almost any design. There are a host of colors, grain textures, and profiles available. Take the time to compare the many possible floor coverings. According to industry experts hardwoods are actually less expensive overall than other alternatives. Unlike other floor covering options, wood is very forgiving. Repairs, restorations, refinishing usually is possible. Further more Hardwood Floors are easy to clean, more sanitary than carpet, offer an almost infinite array of styles, and outlast all other flooring types.


Today’s carpets are available in a wide range of fiber types, textures, patterns, weights, densities and backings. In particular, it is very important that you know the performance characteristics of each carpet construction and each fiber, including their own inherent stain resistance properties and/or the stain resistance properties of additional after-treatments that are added to help protect your carpet against stains and soils.

Carpet, the most commonly known flooring option, also comes with a lot of versatility, comfort and health benefits. It is also the most cost effective flooring choice and comes in different styles and colors that will coordinate the decor of any home.

Carpet is basically available in the following categories:

Saxony – A dense level cut pile. The tufts are closely packed and give a smooth look.

Textured – The tufts are twisted or curled bringing out a textured surface

Frieze – A type of textured carpet, highly twisted at pile surface.

Berber – Also known as loop, this carpet style forms loops at multiple levels generating beautiful patterns and high durability

Pattern – This category comes with maximum versatility in design, generated by the mixing loops & cut pile and different levels.

Therefore, before you make your carpet purchase we recommend that you discuss your carpet needs and expectations with our floor covering specialist.    



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