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Here at Home Design Expo we offer vinyl/ hardi plank siding and polymer shake products that give you that beauty, performance and durability you’ve been looking for.

If you’re making over a home to create a maintenance-free exterior, you’ll want to investigate vinyl windows, vinyl or aluminum soffits, fascia, aluminum cladding and wood trim around windows and doors. Soffits must be designed and installed properly. One of the most important factors is proper ventilation. If soffits are not ventilated, they can cause the formation of ice dams at the eaves. As the attic warms from the house heat, it allows the roof surface to melt snow, or ice, which then runs down into the colder eave surfaces and freezes back again. This creates an ice dam that allows water to work its way back into the walls and ceilings of the house. Venting both the attic with eave vents and the soffit with vent systems increases air circulation and prevents this problem. Ventilation not only prevents ice dams, but helps reduce heat build-up in the summer.




There are many types of siding. Siding plays a very important role in the architecture of a house. It holds together the different external elements of a house together. It also defends the house from damaging weather conditions like hail storms, torrents and hard sun light. Wood lap and brick siding are conventional sidings.

Wood composites, brick or stone veneers, synthetic stucco, vinyl, fiber-cement and steel are some of the more popular choice of sidings available now. It is even possible to mix the combination of two or more sidings. For instance, brick can be mixed with cement-fiber and wood shingles can be mixed with veneer stone. In fact, if you want to retrofit your old home, there are many types of siding available for that. You can install these sidings over the old siding and little tear off will be required.

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