Water Restoration

Home Design Expo Restoration, Inc. has a single mission: to restore order from the chaos of water and storm damage. Our job is to return a life to where it was prior to the disaster. And do it as if we were never there with determination and speed. Why?

  • A home is a sanctuary.
  • A home is a family.
  • A home is memories.
  • A home is an investment.
  • A home has been destroyed…

When to use us:

When water and storms violate a homeowner’s life it affects them, their neighbors and the community. A life has been turned upside down reminding everyone just how fragile theirs is and how fast things can change. How quickly a disaster can turn order to chaos.

Emotion is high, logic is low and the homeowner is in turmoil. Home Design Expo Restoration provides peace of mind. We’ve been there. We know how a homeowner feels. Our only goal is to make sure that the process of healing and the feeling of security are restored immediately.

The benefits of HDE:

Home Design Expo Restoration, Inc.has an experienced team, a proven process and trusted relationships that allow us to move through a home’s restoration in a precise, professional manner to achieve:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Empathy
  • Understanding
  • Stability

Home Design Expo Restoration, Inc. We’re everywhere and ready for any size disaster from a small residential loss to a large commercial catastrophe.

           An I.I.C.R.C. Certified Company using
           the Drying Science of Psychrometry
           for Reliable and Efficient Results.




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